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Dealing with the postal service.

Tips for avoiding trouble with the post office.
Place your seal well out of the way of the stamp. If a letter, put the seal on the back of the envelope. If a postcard, place the seal on the left hand side of the postcard, away from the stamp, or on the backside of the postcard. If a package, place your seals away from the mailing label. If your envelope is heavy or stuffed with heavy contents, the seal may add enough weight to tip you over the minimum postage amount, so be sure you’ve put enough stamps on it. Some people like to get their wax-sealed correspondence hand-cancelled; but we have found this is not usually necessary, we have had quite good success with putting our correspondence in the corner mailbox and letting it go thru the automated machinery. However, hand-cancelled correspondence is aesthetically desirable if it’s a nice cancel-mark! We’ve heard reports that the post office occasionally adds a surcharge for envelopes with seals on them. Technically speaking, the post office can do this, but we have found that it rarely happens unless you’re unlucky enough to encounter a grouchy postal worker. We advise making friends with the postal workers in your local post office, with your mail carrier, with the postal workers anywhere you travel, and with your UPS® or FedEx® truck drivers! Learn their names and take the time to chat with them and bring them cookies or chocolate at holiday time. This pays off in many interesting ways and spreads good energy around the world. Postal workers have important jobs; it’s that simple. Like anyone, they respond to how they’re treated.

A case in point about the survivability of Atelier Gargoyle Flexible Sealing Wax.
Each year Ward sends 750+ invitation postcards to an anniversary celebration at a wonderful San Francisco café to which he’s been addicted for more than 40 years, Enrico’s Sidewalk Café. The cards are sent to friends, customers, old beatniks and ancient bohemians all over the United States and the world. Each of the postcard invitations has the stamp in the upper right hand corner, and the recipient’s address takes up half the postcard beneath the stamp. At the upper left corner of the postcard is the pre-printed return address. In the center of the left hand side of the postcard goes a large wax seal, a different seal each year. About 50 postcards are returned by the post office to the café each year; those sent to people who have moved or died, or we somehow had the wrong address. Getting these “returns” allows us to see clearly what becomes of our sealing wax after it has been subjected to the tender mercies of the automated machinery of modern postal services. Sometimes the grippers on the postal sorting equipment have torn narrow strips of paper up and across the postcard horizontally; but invariably, the seal itself is entirely in tact, we are happy to say!

We jokingly tell people that “Atelier Gargoyle Flexible Sealing Wax is bulletproof, and ALMOST Post Office Proof!” By the way, we also like to tell our customers that “Our bronze seals come with the usual 5000-year guarantee.” Few man-made artifacts have withstood the rigors of the Ages as well as those made of bronze. The test of time!


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