Torch Lighters are our preferred method of melting sealing wax. They put out a very hot and clean burning blue flame that can be directed where you want it to go, much like a mini blow-torch. Please read Why we like torch lighters for melting sealing wax.

Micro Torch or Culinary Torch

This torch is our favorite. It melts the wax quickly and cleanly, it’s comfortable in the hand, and it doesn’t overheat with continuous use. Comes with complete instructions for use and filling with fuel. Includes adjustments for size of flame. Happily, this torch also has a “continuous flame” button. So for those of you with tired thumbs from holding down the ignition button on other lighters, or if you have arthritic hands, this torch is terrific! We recommend this torch if you’ve got a big sealing wax project to do, like wedding invitations or holiday cards — or if you (like us) happen to addicted to putting sealing wax on all your correspondence. We ship it empty of fuel, so it can be sent via priority airmail. Holds about 2.2 ounces (64 ml) of standard butane fuel, which burns for approximately 60-70 minutes. You can purchase a cylinder-shaped canister of butane fuel in a drug store, supermarket, smoke shop, or hardware store. An excellent tool, we highly recommend it. And it does double-duty in the kitchen if you happen to make a mean creme brulee, or in the workshop for small repair jobs. 6 inches high.

Micro Torch • Price: $33

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Torch Cigar Lighter

In the past, we sold small cigar lighters at a price of $8 for use in melting sealing wax, but we found (through our own experimentation and reports from our customers) that these lighters conk out rather quickly and stop working completely, even though filled with fuel! We don’t feel good about selling an inferior product, so we’ve decided to stop selling cigar lighters. We now recommend that you purchase our micro torch above. We’ll continue to search for a good quality and inexpensive cigar lighter. Meanwhile, if $33 for the micro torch above sounds like more of a leap than you’re ready to take, you can always purchase an inexpensive cigar lighter ($5-$10) from your local convenience store or smoke shop (warning… it won’t last long). More expensive cigar or storm lighters ($50-$100) last a bit longer, but may conk out if used for the relatively long burning times required for sealing wax (compared to lighting a cigar). Also, these more expensive lighters tend to have the ignition button (where you put your thumb) too close to the flame. Again, not a problem if you’re pressing on it for the few seconds required for lighting a cigar, but for sealing wax— you’re thumb will broil.


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