Atelier Gargoyle Flexible Sealing Wax

Atelier Gargoyle Flexible Sealing Wax is composed of natural resins, beeswax, synthetic polymers, pigments for color and essential oils for scent. The synthetic polymers give the wax toughness, tenacity, flexibility and survivability.

You can confidently use Atelier Gargoyle Flexible Sealing Wax on correspondence that will go through today’s automated and mechanized postal systems. Our sealing wax will survive with minimal cracking or breakage. We like to tell people that “Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax is bulletproof, and almost Post Office Proof!”

We started experimenting with making our own sealing wax in the early 1990s. We’ve tested it on our personal correspondence since then, and we started selling it to the public in 2003. We make the wax sticks ourselves in our San Francisco atelier. We mix small batches and pour the wax into special molds from which individual sticks are removed and trimmed while still warm but no longer molten. Our wax comes in a rainbow of colors, and is sized for convenience of use. We consulted with noted herbalist Jeanne Rose to find the right essential oils to scent our wax; which include cassia, nutmeg, clove bud, litsea cubeba, lavender, vetiver, and pine. Our wax sticks bear a calligraphic rendering (done by Ward) of our business name (Atelier Gargoyle), along with the alchemical symbols for wax and spirits of alcohol.

Each stick weighs approx 5/8 oz or 18 grams, and is a tad short of 6 inches long. Each stick will make about 10–20 seal impressions, depending on the size of the seal.

The price is $6 per stick, and the minimum purchase is 5 sticks ($30). Colors can be mixed or matched.

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Dark Red
Mandariin Orange
Royal Blue
Light Blue
Navy Blue

Forest Green

Light Green
Olive Green
Kelly Green
Purple Passion
Dove Grey
Bone White
Espresso Brown
Bubblegum Pink
Sunflower Yellow
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