Ward Dunham and Linnea Lundquist (the proprietors of Atelier Gargoyle) have been collecting antique seals, commissioning new seal engravings, and designing new seals themselves for several decades. Ward, a Master Calligrapher specializing in Gothic Hands, has long been interested in Heraldry.

Here we offer jewelry-quality reproductions of the one-of-a-kind seals in our collection, of which many are antiques. We are also designing and producing new seals.

Our original seals are engraved by masters. This is a dying art and we are dedicated to preserving what was done in past centuries. We also want to promote the work of the few contemporary engravers (mostly European) doing high quality engraving, carving, and chasing.

Our reproductions (from the original seals) are made in California, and built to last for the next several centuries or millennia: we use bronze and brass for the seals themselves, and beautiful hardwoods for the handles.

Our contemporary seals are designed in our own studio in San Francisco, engraved by a European craftsman, and reproduced in his studio.

Please browse our seals and enjoy the history in the heraldry, the amazing detail of the hand-engraving, and the striking uniqueness of our new designs.

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