Welcome to Atelier Gargoyle. We are a small establishment that is dedicated to the vanishing art of Handwritten Correspondence. We love the history, the art, and the practice of handwriting. If you also find pleasure in handwriting, if you like to write letters and postcards and notes to yourself, if you take pleasure in embellishing your correspondence with sealing wax, and if you want well-made, beautiful tools and paraphernalia to accomplish all this, you’ve found the right website. We reproduce antique seals, and we design new ones. We make our own flexible sealing wax in our small San Francisco studio, and we sell traditional wax made in France. We’ve very carefully selected the fountain pens we sell. We prefer pens that sit very comfortably in the hand and write easily. Most importantly, we specialize in italic nibs — the nib shape of choice for calligraphers in the western world over the past two millennia. We also offer gifts, writing and desk paraphernalia, knives, and other atavistic tools, treasures, and talismans. Please explore our Atelier.

P.O. Box 277• Half Moon Bay, California 94019
Toll Free in the USA: 1-800-547-0704
Ph/Fax: 650-728-9922 • info@ateliergargoyle.com

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